Simple….Not Easy

Have you ever felt slighted by something someone has said?

Have you ever felt bad when you witnessed someone else being angry or bitter?

Have you ever felt hurt when someone mentioned something that did NOT connect directly to you, but you felt it on a deeper level within yourself anyway?

Perhaps you are feeling all of this ‘woundedness’ simply because it does relate to you in some way?

Let’s have a think about this….and ask ‘ Why?’

How come I was affected by another person’s outburst? And why did it ‘ hit’ me so hard? Is is possible that I have a ‘ trigger’ within myself that I am unaware of on a conscious level?

All valid questions.

I suggest that whenever you come across something that ‘ touches’ you inside and that you do not know ‘ why’, that you begin by Illuminating it…in other words, bring it out into the light of day. Do you remember perhaps another time when a person in your life has said something similar to you? Or do you remember angry words being said that affected you deeply because you felt like a failure or non-lovable? Think on these…think of what had occurred that is similar to what you recently heard that made you feel hurt within. Perhaps you felt this long ago, even when you were a child.

Once you have done this, then you need to sit with these feelings or awarenesses….and integrate them. Allow them to BE part of you…where perhaps they were buried within you. Maybe you were yelled at, or abused or made to feel ‘less than’. Think on this ‘ garbage’. This ‘ stuff’ that you could not previously bear to look at, or even acknowledge, this woundedness that you shoved way down inside yourself; and just breathe through all of it…all the memories, all the hurts, all the anxieties, and all of the anger at others and yourself…and just sitting with this…just KNOW that it is what it is…and that NOW, you have the power to change it.

Accept it, and know that these experiences have brought you to where you are today…..and if, today, you are still feeling and reeling from these emotions…..know that you DO have the ability to create change within you…just simply by acknowledging it….and allowing it…and then realising that perhaps what is NOT working in your life now is just a projection of yourself that feels badly done by. You notice something that makes you angry when they are angry…and you now know that this relates to an anger within you, that has not been acknowledged, accepted, and changed….by YOU….so, breathe slow…and deep….inhale…and exhale….and then, change whatever circumstances within you that you have previously been avoiding either consciously or unconsciously, and recreate that circumstance or scenario. Change it into something that empowers you, and that brings you peace.

So, Illuminate, Integrate, and Recreate…..easier said than done. I am an expert in burying deep feelings inside, and I am sure you are too. We all have this protective layer inside that wants us to not feel upset, or hurt, or wounded, and so we bury it down deep. But, now, we are seeing more clearly. We know that WE are the only ones who can get through our fears. WE are the only ones who can recreate our lives into what we actually do desire.

AND, all of this will take BRAVERY….COURAGE….and INNER WORK…so that the OUTER parts of ourselves can be a happier reflection of us.

Remember that what we think about….we bring about. (Good and Bad).

AND that what we FEEL about….we RADIATE out!

So, I have decided to radiate out a sense of calm, peacefulness and quiet joy. Others around me have picked up on this already.

And YOU can do the same!

But, you do need to get rid of the stored garbage within first…the old ways of feeling and seeing; where we were subject to ‘ the winds of change’. and being victims of our circumstances. It is not empowering, and does not lead to happiness and growth of understanding ourselves within and without.

Once we understand that what we see in our lives around us every day is simply a projection of what we ‘expect’, and that this expectation is based on our inner fears, and programmes and beliefs that we have accepted over time; then, and only then, can we begin to allow ourselves to move forward after we have released what we need to. In other words, the lives we lead, and all of the events and factors which drive our lives, are the direct result of what has been encoded in our inner selves or mind/body system. These events are not random, chance situations. Everything that has occurred, came about for a reason. Once we have the ability to recognise that, then we also realise that we have the ability to change that too.

If you can simply illuminate, and bring light to those triggers, and take responsibility for them, rather than blaming others, or circumstances in our lives; then I believe, and know, that we can awaken from the dream….the stuckness…the bitterness…the victimhood…and the disempowerment of ourselves.

Fear, anger, annoyance, grief, sorrow, frustration, weariness, distrust, constant worry, and doubt….all of these are related to something within us that needs to be illuminated, integrated, and recreated.

Please stop your destructive cycles, and repetitive stuck thoughts. Try this method I have mentioned to change the inner pictures, so that the outer pictures of your life will change and morph into something wonderful.

In order to help you with this, you could use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), or Tapping, as it is also called, where you tap on meridians or accupressure points or spots on your body with your fingers in order to handle pain, or to change long held beliefs, or to get rid of ill health or depression. I use this on myself, and on others all the time, and it works. It astounds some people when they first try it, but it does really shift you, and realign you. Worth a try.

Change your inner state alone, and you can witness your outer self and life changing. By first illuminating the source energy, then integrating or accepting what is, we are then able to move into the recreation process which is simply a matter of intent, but that intent is effective because the blocked energy which was keeping us back has been transformed, thus our life and creation of our life is created anew.

It’s simple really. Simple but not easy. It takes a lot of effort, and you will face a lot of opposition at first. That opposition will come in the form of thoughts, habits, and even from external sources like friends, family and even seemingly random events that work to drive us back into the anger/guilt/sadness/ distraction/addiction, etc. Many of us have tried many times to break the cycles, and found that we are right back where we started after a short time. A new relationship turns out to be the same as the old one, a new job ends up being just as abusive as the old one, a calm moment is destroyed by a thought or a feeling, or a phone call that takes us right back to the anger/guilt/sadness, etc.

Also if you are generally depressed, not getting a spark out of life, generally dissatisfied with life this is because you have walled off your capacity to feel life to protect yourself from your emotional garbage. As you clear the garbage, the clarity and love for life returns.

The destructive cycles and events are all coming from you. You are creating them all, even the seemingly random or outside events. There’s a part of you that you have not ever fully looked at and dealt with. You have a large garbage pile, or maybe a small one now that is growing and it is walled off from your awareness as a protective mechanism. In a way it’s a good thing, or at least it is for the civilization as a whole. This particular society wounds people by its nature and if people had to face those wounds daily, there would be no time for building rockets, growing economies, and colonising, and truthfully, many of the things we do so well in this society which would come to an end, because they are partially fuelled by our repressed emotional energy.

But anyway, we are sitting on ever growing bags of emotional and psychic garbage that we just stock away. If any of it leaks out, someone will say we have to “get over it”, as if the thing to do when faced by rotting garbage on our kitchen floor is to step over it and not clean it up. We have all been stepping over our garbage and not cleaning it up. Our parents did this, their parents did this and now we are doing this. It’s a part of our culture. We can’t act out this psychic garbage as a way to express it anymore. So it’s coming right back in our faces now.

Look at the newspaper…look at your life or your friends and family’s lives. See the garbage? Its everywhere now. See all the disease? That’s a symptom of our psychic garbage, plain and simple. If you have a major illness its because you have not yet accessed a huge pile of emotional garbage.

From here on in, it will be your choice. Do something….or do not.

Remember that what we think about….we bring about. (Good and Bad).

AND that what we FEEL about….we RADIATE out!

I wish you well!

Illuminate, Integrate, and Recreate… choice….my life.

Love and Angel hugs,

Barbara xxx

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Big Backside?

A woman in the olden times wasn’t considered a goodly marriageable person without a nice ‘ caboose’. Truth is, bigger hips help with childbearing for sure, but also help as a solid base for grounding the energies of our beloved Gaia….this is what I have been doing without even knowing it, and I bet you have been doing it too.

BIG bums can make women healthier; scientists have claimed.

A bulky backside is much healthier than a spilling-over stomach and can even help combat heart disease and high cholesterol, research has shown…. plus…. Bottom fat helps to reduce cholesterol and the risk of heart disease.

This is believed to be because ‘adipose tissue’ – found in the backside -catches harmful fatty particles – preventing them making their way to the heart.

This is because women with the body trait produce more of the hormone that processes sugar and regulates weight.

“Fat around the hips and thighs is good for you but around the tummy is bad.”

So, you are all good as far as I am concerned, AND as far as science is concerned!

Enjoy all of you just the way you are!

I am!

Have a great day!

Angel hugs,

Barbara xoxoxo

Copyright © 2019 Barbara Lockhart. All rights reserved. You may quote, translate, share or link to this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and as long as you credit the author, and you include this copyright notice link: All other uses of this article are prohibited. Thank you for your understanding. Have a fabulous day.

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Despite what is happening in your life right now…..please remember this:

A lot of people love you more than words can say…..

I have met quite a few people over the years who seem to be stuck where they are.

They talk about the same problems that reoccur for them…..over and over.

They talk about the same people who irritate them….day after day.

They complain about their job….or their lack of money…..time after time.

They worry continuously…..and seem to have burden after burden heaped on their shoulders.

They literally can NOT see the woods for all the trees in their way.

Having talked to these often lovely people…they just cannot see what is stopping them from progressing in their lives. They FEEL every single thing….and struggle with it…..and find it soooo difficult to let ANYTHING just go….and release!

And, they seem to take it all very personally; so that often, when you may present them with an idea that may possibly be of value to them, or even a solution, they cannot hear or take on board what you are saying or offering.

This is a shame….and so sad.

I realise that for every single difficulty….there is absolutely a solution…BUT, we need to be open and willing to looking for a way OUT.

When you are stuck….it simply means that you are feeling a lack….possibly a lack of self worth, or self empowerment, or self love or self awareness… awareness that YOU are in charge of YOU!

YOU are the creator of your life…in every way….for every day.

Now, this statement is a lot to take in….particularly if you are feeling so down on yourself because you are stuck, or not coping, or not succeeding, or not happy with your lot in life, and not feeling like you are loved….just for who you are.

Well, I am here to tell you that there is a way out of all of this!


Get a small mirror that you can see your beautiful eyes in. ( I use my rear view mirror when I am at lights and speak the words then.)

Hold it up, and say the following:

I am in charge of ME.

I count.

I matter.

I have a voice….that needs to be heard.

I can change the way I have been thinking, and try something new….today.

I can create a new pathway for my life….anytime I choose to do so.

I am successful.

I am loved, even by people I meet as I go about my day to day life.

I value and appreciate everyone in my life who values and appreciates me.

I am thankful….for everything and everyone.

I am courageous….more than I thought I ever could be.

I love and accept myself just the way I am.

I allow myself to SHINE….and sparkle.

My intent is to open my heart.

My intent is to free my mind and my body, from all negative emotions and fears.

My intent is to feel good.

My Spirit works with the All That Is, and connects me to such wonderful energy that flows through me always, even when I do not notice it or pay it any attention, it just IS.

I am that I am.

I am confident.

I am well.

I am.

Please realise that we are all energy….even when we break down a body into skin, tissues, organs, cells, molecules, and atoms, and then energy within THAT.

WE are energy.

In order to change the energies around us, we can simply replace what we are telling ourselves that we DON’T WANT….and by repeating the above whilst looking into a little mirror….we can literally change the communicator strands of our DNA, and raise ourselves UP into health, wealth and self empowerment and wellness on all levels…and instead speak of what WE DO WANT.

What you think about….you bring about.

So, what are you thinking right now? Still feeling disempowered and stuck?

Take a long, slow, deep breath in……and out…..and in…..and out…..and in…….and out…..

and tell yourself EVERYTHING GOES RIGHT FOR ME! Do this often throughout your day, and you may just surprise yourself at how great things are becoming!

I wish you well,

Love and Angel hugs,

I believe in you,

Barbara xxxxx

Copyright © 2019 Barbara Lockhart. All rights reserved. You may quote, translate, share or link to this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and as long as you credit the author, and you include this copyright notice link: All other uses of this article are prohibited. Thank you for your understanding. Have a fabulous day.

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Are you feeling the deeper energies of this 2019 year yet?

dear incredible being clear flyYou have heard me say 2019 is a year of renewal. Yet, this is also a year of karmic closures and endings. You are bringing new aspects of yourself into the world. To do that, you must release yourself from past beliefs, relationships and circumstances that no longer nourish your soul.

Karmic Clearing for New Beginnings….this starts not only with YOU, but with what and who you are surrounded with in your life!

Check out your bedroom for instance, and each drawer, and your wardrobe. Is there ANYTHING in here that is not serving you and your highest good? Please let go of STUFF that is cluttering up YOU in the NOW, that is from that past. This includes keeping clothes that ‘I might fit back into one day’, or clothes that you used to wear and love, and you keep, but they have outlived their use and now need to be donated to someone who can use them…shoes also fall into this category.

Now, go into your kitchen. Each drawer and cupboard in here holds things. Are they all things which you have absolutely used in the last three months? Are you simply storing them? Only keep that which you regularly use. There is no need to keep things for a special occasion…your life is an occasion….use it because it IS SPECIAL…..and enjoy it! Everyday! Otherwise, if it is simply taking up space, go through each drawer one at a time, and empty it of anything you don’t use.

I remember when my Mother had passed away and my Dad moved house, all of us children helped in the move and in clearing out that which Mum had kept in their cupboards….and there were new towels in there, and sheets and so many ‘special’ things that NEVER got used, or appreciated, because they were TOO GOOD. We girls decided they needed to see the light of day, and helped DAD get rid of his old tatty towels and replace them with the new ones, and we encouraged him to start using so many other TOO GOOD TO USE things, and finally get some enjoyment from them!

Do the same with your home office. You are required to keep copies of documents that support your tax form that is filed each year. In Australia it used to be that you needed to keep these for 7 years, now it is 4 years. So, go back, and get rid of that which you no longer need to keep. Also declutter your paperwork. If there is anything that can be stored instead on a computer and then onto a separate hard drive that you continually back up from your computer, and thereby keep a record of digitally instead of physically; please look into this, and see what you can do.

Do 15 minutes a day towards your goal of clearing and don’t overwhelm yourself all at once!

There may be toxic people in your life. Only YOU can determine which people around you love and support you wholeheartedly, and which ones disempower you just with a remark or a feeling you get from them. Try to weed out those ‘friends’ who are not really there for you – you will know who they are – and do your best to avoid being their doormat or the person they download all THEIR shit onto! It is time to do this.

This Karmic Clearing of all things and people from your life is something only you can do…although when you have boxes of heavy books to carry out to donate to the local charity, please ask for help so you don’t have to do it all by yourself!

Choose when to do each room in your house, and THEN break it down into smaller sections. Don’t go into overwhelm, just do 15 minutes a day, set a kitchen timer to help, and GO for it! The same goes for your garage, your workspace or wherever it is that you need to clear out the past….just to make way for a lighter, brighter and easier life. There is less dusting to do and less maintenance when you clear out…all good!

The emotional clearing may take longer, but if you find yourself feeling locked into a cycle of negativity, or anxiety, get help from a practitioner or counsellor if necessary, but DO something to break your old patterning and habitual worrying. Try to be positive. Smile in the mirror when you walk past….and say ‘I like you’ to yourself!

Hang out only with those kind people who love, nourish and support you positively. Have you found yourself in a group of ‘friends’ who all seem to speak about one calamity or another, or that continue to gossip about others? It does your heart so much good to hang out instead with people who cherish you, and that make you smile. Your choice.

And I know I have made this sound simplistic, and it definitely is not, especially if the ‘bane of your life’ is a relative or parent or sibling. All I can say from experience is that if someone is ‘in my space’ and I do not feel great when I am around them, then I use this saying; ‘I wish you well….and I wish you on your way.’ Another thing you can do with hurtful people is to freeze them out….literally….write their name and place that piece of paper in your freezer with your intent to freeze them out of your life…and it works!

I hope I have at least given you some ideas in order for you to be more able to RENEW in this year of renewal 2019. To move forward, sometimes we need to clear out that which no longer serves us, so just do your best.

When you have cleared, and closed doors on emotions or people, notice how much ‘lighter’ you and your home or workspace or garage feels! It feels emptier but sooo much better too. Remember too that the Universe abhors a vacuum, so when you clear out, please replace the energy of the room with better free-flowing 100% energetic light energy. Just ask and assume it is done.

You can also help in clearing a room of ‘negative energies or feelings’ by using dried sage in a ceramic bowl and with a large feather brushing it into all the corners of each room. This also works well. If you wish, you can simply use a saucepan with a wooden spoon to bang in each corner and thereby clear those unwanted energies. Sometimes I do this after I have visitors and I feel that my space was not mine anymore after their visit….it’s an energy feeling…and so I clear the rooms out, and I feel better once again. Easy to do.

Let’s all make an energetic change….even a small one…and lighten our places within….and without….and FEEL our way into the future with EASE!

I wish you well,

Barbara xxxxx

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I Am ….

i am happy


I AM that I Am….

Always have been, Always will be.


But remember….

So is every other living thing…..


Love and hugs,

Barbara xxxx



Copyright © 2017 by Barbara Lockhart. All Rights Reserved. You may quote, translate, share or link to this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and  as long as you credit the author and you include this copyright notice link:    All other uses of this article are prohibited.  Thank You for your understanding.

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Focus on What’s Working – Law of Attraction

morning soul touch heart enjoy day

Affirmations….ever tried them? Did they help? Or did you feel that you were just fooling yourself?

If you use affirmations that do not make you feel good and that you don’t actually believe in, try something else instead…Be honest. Try starting with gratitude. Anything that makes you feel good. When you already are in a good feeling state of high vibration you can try more direct affirmations. Then it will be easier to believe them, because you know that you are worthy and capable of manifesting whatever you desire.

We are governed by our collective belief systems, created over thousands of years. We live very similar lives much because of these belief systems.

We are situationally focused. We try to control our environment, our circumstances.

By being in a super meditative state, entirely vibrationally focused instead of situationally focused, we have no limits.

Is this even relevant to think about?

For many people it may not resonate at all.

Focus on what is working and notice how you can attract certain things into your life.

Life is a process of evolution and learning and in the big picture we can’t go wrong….just please try it…try to focus on what expands your heart and soul, and don’t let a day go by without DOING something…anything….that brings your Soul JOY!





Copyright © 2017 by Barbara Lockhart. All Rights Reserved. You may quote, translate, share or link to this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and  as long as you credit the author and you include this copyright notice link:    All other uses of this article are prohibited.  Thank You for your understanding.

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Intentions Wrecking Havoc!



Today I wish to speak of our thoughts, and our intentions.

We need to realise that WE are creators. We create with each thought we have, and we do have around 60,000 of these a day!

Sometimes our thoughts are stuck in a repeating pattern. This pattern can be a wonderful manifesting positivity pattern, or it could adversely be a ‘lack’ pattern. These are just a couple of examples, and I am sure you could think of so much more. Think of a coin, which has two sides. When we are unsure of which path to take, we can certainly flip that coin and decided on a path just by going with whatever side of the coin that has fallen. OR, we can choose with intent.

However, many of us are just choosing by default without even realising that we are doing so. We merely go along from day to day, seeing each day as in a pattern that is repeating, and sometimes that pattern is very stressful, full of doubt, and lacking in enthusiasm or indeed, any JOY at all.

Our intent, and our thoughts are precious. We need to be aware. We need to understand what we are thinking and focussing on is what we will bring into our lives each moment of each day.

Have you ever noticed that when you focus on something, suddenly things start to happen around you that relate to it? Synchronicities start to arrive, to pop up unexpectedly; and people or situations come that seem to be there to help you achieve your goal.

This all happens because YOU ‘put it out there’.

Do you even realise that you are creating these thoughts and intentions each moment? Or are you one of those people who walk ‘unaware’ and blindfolded through their lives thinking that their lives are miserable, they can’t get ahead, they are all alone, they are sad because nothing seems to be going right, they are behind the eight ball in their relationships or their work, they don’t seem to be moving forward at all, they feel anxious all the time and afraid….and that no-one else has it as bad as they do?

Trust me, all of us go through ‘stuff’. If we had finished with all the learning and experiencing that our Soul wanted to connect with by coming to Earth School in the first place, then I assure you that you would no longer be here. Take it as a given then, that you are still here, doing what you can, with what you have, from where you currently are….because your Soul still has change to experience and learning to realise.

You need to consciously set your intentions each day. Get a diary. At the beginning of each day, write some intentions and aspirations down. Five should do, or more if you wish. What do you wish to accomplish today? Ask yourself, and write some answers. At the end of each day, pat yourself on the back for what you have achieved, give thanks to the Universe for each blessing, and smile that, even though you may have had a ‘tough’ or difficult day; some things WERE done, and you DID climb a little higher out of your muddy life; even if it was only just a bit.

Then, write down five things you were grateful for in your day before you go to sleep. These positive thoughts just before you rest are what you take with you into the dream state, and it is what you will be focussing on creating more of when you awaken the next day! So, choose well.

I know someone who ‘Blu tacked’ some money on their ceiling, so this was the last thing they saw at night before they turned off the light, and the first thing they saw in the morning. They visualised themselves literally raking up piles of money, and smiling the whole time, being grateful for this abundance that seems to be coming from even the most unusual of places. This is powerful stuff.

It works. Try it.

Remember to focus only on what you “Do Want”, not on grumbling about ‘What you Don’t Want”.

So, set your intention, and start to emanate it out, just like our Sun radiates its warmth out. It is like rays of energy being sent out all around us. Start emitting your intention rather than just absorbing the frequencies that are currently around you. Our intention is ‘felt’, by everyone and everything we will come into contact with….one step before it actually becomes reality. It is the energy behind creation….and WE create it!

So, if you have areas of your life where your intentions and focus have been ‘wrecking havoc’, and you have been feeling down, then you need to realise that YOU have the power to change it all, just by changing your thoughts and intentions.

Don’t be the wrecking ball in your own life….be the creative conscious ray of energy that flows through everything….and be joyful.

You can do this.

Blessings to all,

Barbara xxxxx


Copyright © 2017 by Barbara Lockhart. All Rights Reserved. You may quote, translate, share or link to this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and as long as you credit the author and you include this copyright notice link:    All other uses of this article are prohibited. Thank You for your understanding.




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I have just returned from watching “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” the movie by J.K. Rowling. I found it fascinating and funny and it held lots of little heart truths and knowings.

Your own Inner Wizard or Witch is itching to come out and play! For me, the movie brought out the inner delight you can get from something out of the ordinary that can move you away from any dreary reality we may currently be experiencing; and into a world where possibilities DO exist!

What if it is all true? What if WE determine what occurs around us? What if magic is all around us? AND, all we have to do is tap into it, when we believe….

Your Inner Witch or Wizard can help you in moving forward….just let him or her out to play!

Imagine….what if?!

We all possess these ‘hidden’ or perhaps unacknowledged abilities and gifts; it’s just that some of us use them, and others do not. Use your heart knowing. Listen. Don’t just assume that THIS is all there is, or that things cannot change, or that you are stuck somewhere in a situation that definitely does NOT bring you joy! You have a choice. I look for truth, and a true path to follow as I listen to my heart….it is simple….just tune in…You DO know what makes you happy. You DO know what it would take for your world to be abracadabra’d into something special.

Just pay attention to those little feelings you get, that just pop up, just before your rational mind takes over. It isn’t complicated.

Life can be magical and exciting, just be decisive when you need to and take action when the need arises; asking for the strength to stand in what you know. You know what you know….your heart tells you so….it is a knowing.

Trust yourself.

Allow the magic of the Wizard or the Witch to flow through you with confidence! Let your heart speak….and be heard!

I believe in you!

All together now, wands UP!!!


Magically yours,

Barbara xxxxx

2017 IS  So Your Year!


Copyright © 2017 by Barbara Lockhart. All Rights Reserved. You may quote, translate, share or link to this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and as long as you credit the author and you include this copyright notice link:    All other uses of this article are prohibited. Thank You for your understanding.



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Texting AND Walking….Hmmm…

texting walking

Just think….for so many people, their world has just shrunk to the size of an iPad….or a phone! So sad….

Please be careful when using your devices that you don’t run into things or people, or cars….

Sigh….It really is sad when people’s gadgets can take over their lives…

A friend of mine is so attached to her phone, she sleeps with it, and goes to the toilet with it. Last week, she accidentally dropped it in, and it was ruined! But, the worst was that all her photos, and documents and so much information was all kept on that phone…devastation!

She luckily was able to have it rescued by some clever techies who suggested she store her info on iCloud…so she would never completely lose it again…phew! Crisis averted!

But, none of this should have occurred in the first place…

When I was a child, there was only one phone in the house if you were lucky, and if you wanted a personal conversation, it was kinda held in front of everyone else…not much privacy back then, and parents and siblings were interested in all your comings and goings. Now, we all have phones, even very young ones….just in case….and we seem more distant…this is true….

Please don’t lose sight of yourself by continually looking into a screen, instead of really participating in the world.

Perhaps we really should turn them off now and then, and go outside and run on the grass, or look up into the sky at night to count the stars…now, wouldn’t THAT be something!

Hugs to All,
Barbara xxxxxx

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yoda fear anger hate


Worry about this…Thinking about that…Frowning all the time…and not sure what at?

Do you have that queasy or uneasy feeling that something isn’t quite right?

That you know there is something else you are seemingly missing? Or that there is something that you KNOW needs doing, but you aren’t quite sure how to do it, or how to handle it? And, you are worried about the outcome and so don’t take action when you should?


Isn’t it exhausting!?

Lately I have been feeling so much more, and feeling more easily overwhelmed at times too.

I have become aware that many, many others are in this same state….and it is wearing us out. We don’t always seem to be able to handle situations that are cropping up. I know that I have needed to de-clutter my house, and whilst I have done some things; others I have left. I have been aware that I also needed to de-clutter my mind. Don’t we store loads of unnecessary information and beliefs and guilt trips and inadequacies in there, as well as all the knowledge that we need to use? I have also felt a need to de-clutter my emotions. Emotions that need to be handled gently, but that need to be released so that my heart can be fully open and connected to my Higher Self and to Source. This work on oneself is not easy….and can sometimes be painful.

Perhaps it’s better to stay where I am? And yet, if I had not noticed these things, and KNEW someone deep inside me that I needed to work on these areas, isn’t that observation valuable in it’s own right…and doesn’t it point to the fact that I SHOULD be doing something – anything – to release all that no longer serves me or is useful?

What holds me back?


Fear of change…the familiar; even if it no longer is in my best interest, still seems a cosy place to stay….those people around me, even those who are complaining all the time or who are constantly without joy; can I really let them go? Can I release that weight around my neck? That millstone of duty? Do I DARE to step out of other people’s drama and their inaction? Do I think that I should walk forward into a new age with less thinking, and more feeling my way with my heart?

YES, I do! But, how do I begin…? One step at a time…five minutes a day on a pile of papers that needs sorting out…or ten minutes here and there around my home. Perhaps I can breathe easier when I am not buying into other people’s problems, and work on my own instead…or maybe I just need to give myself permission to cry.

There are so many times when we can…and do….feel overwhelmed just with the everyday, let alone the past accumulations of stuff!

So, I have decided to be kind to myself…I am doing that which needs to be done to survive…and I am paying attention to what I am bringing in to my life from here on in….I have absolutely decided I need more joy…less worry and frustration…and more SMILING!

I have found that when I write, it helps me to put things into perspective, so perhaps this is something you can do as well. Journaling comes easier once you start, and being consistent with your writing gets the problems out of your head space and down onto paper where you cannot forget it, but you can release it!

The one rule I have when journaling about rotten occurrences is that at the end of that particular RANT; that I write down a positive  statement about that experience as well. Doesn’t matter what it is, we need to put a positive spin on it, in some way. When we DO this, the Universe responds and brings us more Lightness of Being and…..more Joy.

Fear….False Evidence Appearing Real…I am not sure who wrote this, but it is true. We worry in advance about so much that we forget to enjoy the moment and we forget to absorb the love that is offered freely. Even when a loved one apologises we SHOULD bury the hatchet, but most of us keep a note of exactly where that hatchet is and we do NOT forgive, and we keep ourselves in denial, and lack of love, and keep ourselves sad…all the time….perhaps because of our thinking that it should have been resolved differently or in a way that WE decided it should, not in the way that it was resolved. LET IT GO….Let your need to CONTROL people, situations and experiences GO!

We get fearful of the dark, of people, of things that were done to us years ago (and that it MAY be repeated – so we keep a constant look out for it!) AND, we therefore keep ourselves in fear. We try to control our lives, our experiences and our children, our work and the people in our lives, so we never have to feel that way we once did…when we first felt the fear of rejection, fear of ridicule, fear of foolishness, fear of someone laughing at us, judging us or making us feel small…and so much less than others.

You know, as I am writing this, I sighed. Then I took another deep, slow breath in….and blew it out with force…and I felt better. So, I did it again.

I breathed in freshness and blew out all that angst.

It didn’t last too long, but it DID feel good. So, I got a small mirror. One that I could just see my eyes in, not my whole face. I looked into my eyes, and I smiled. I noticed how the ends of my eyes crinkled up and I felt instantly better. I decided to practice smiling into the mirror for at least thirty seconds…and I DID feel better. I felt like my mood was improving. Then, I thought of what else brought me happiness. My new little kitten who loves me unconditionally, and happily purrs (very loudly), all the time! My beautiful daughter. My gorgeous grandchildren. My wonderful family…and my other family…of friends. My fabulous home. My great car which takes care of me even though it’s not new and flash. My garden. My fishpond. My body that seems to take great care of me even when I shamefully neglect it! My clients that I work with and am able to help on their journey to health and wholeness. So rewarding..

Even as I write this, I am aware of a growing glow within me, that is squashing the fears….and releasing the tears…and bringing instead smiles…and delight in the many, many things in my life that DO work…and that ARE okay!

If I can do this…you can too. One smile at a time…one breath at a time, and one pat on the back at a time (Reach your hand over to your opposite shoulder and pat yourself on the back!) Feels good!

Do what you can , with what you have, from where you are…and remember that YOU are an amazing person – and that there really IS no-one else exactly like you…and start appreciating what’s good instead of constantly looking for what’s going wrong or running away in fear. Start now…start where you are…start with the doubt and with your hands shaking…start and do not stop….just please start – today. We have all become highly skilled at keeping our fear alive and it is now time to become masters of fuelling the light and happiness in our lives instead. Let your faith in yourself be greater than your fear…you are stronger than you know.

Fear – Focus Emotions in Anticipation of Reward!

It is time for ALL of us to listen to our heart, and discover what you REALLY want happening all around you every day. Ask yourself a valuable question, ‘Has all that fear helped me in any way to feel good about myself?’ No? Then, be prepared to do what it takes to follow your hearts desires and you WILL find your treasure. And your joy!

Blessings and HUGE HUGS to ALL,

with love,

Barbara xoxoxo


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