Change is all around us….

With all the energetic changes in and around us as we move forward to the end of the Mayan Calendar on 21/12/2012, I thought I might offer some insights for those who are confused as to what may be happening…

Know this….You were born ready.

The nine days between 12.12.12 and 21.12.12 will result in a Moment Out of Time, when we can consciously choose to enter where all timelines converge and humanity is presented with a blank slate upon which to write a new store, not history (his story-patriarchal), or her story (matriarchal), but this story – Our Story.

There needs to be a collective release of throat and higher heart. I recommend chanting, singing, humming and deep breathing. Celebrate! Visualise your voice emanating out in colour, warmth and emotion as it envelopes the world and the cosmos with Love.

You can sit quietly and imagine a beautiful white – golden yellow light emanating from within you and your heart, and surrounding you. Then you can send this çloud’ of energetic colour out further to your own house and land, then to your suburb or community, then send it out to your State, then your Country and then imagine it enveloping and circling the entire Earth.

When you have felt this out there, just leave the energy there to help raise the consciousness of humankind and start to feel your own energy shrinking back first to your Country, then to your State, then to your community or suburb, then to your own house or land and finally feel it coming back into yourself. Settle yourself. Take a deep breath. Then relax, and open your eyes when you are ready…You have then done much to help others who may not even be aware that something is happening energetically, but they have felt out of balance or lost or alone.

There will be energies coming in that will be there to aid you during this communication, both in the physical and spiritual sense, as they will be reacting directly on your throat and third eye chakra, being the last portal responsible for your crown chakra and your connection to all that is.

We have already passed through the Portals of 3/12/12 and 12/12/12; the next one is on the 21/12/12 and the last one is the 30/12/12.For the next Portals the use of the violet flame is very important, we ask you to open your hearts and to assist Gaia during this process, we ask you to incorporate the violet flame and to project it around Gaia’s grid, to imagine the Portals and to send them this violet flame.

We are going from I AM to WE ARE…

We must all face up to our potentials by 12.12.12. This date is a kind of portal energy – an ascension portal – a Gateway opening. What you have achieved by then will be what you will carry with you to New Earth.

It is time to stand by the reality you know in your heart and cells to be true.
You want to be conscious and aware of the content of your energy bodies, and you want to clear out anything that no longer belongs there (even if this is challenging!)

New body sensitivity is a part of the process. Healing may be needed as we shift from one energy to another.

However, rather than focus on fear or what if?, I choose to create what I would like to see. My intent is to have more Joy, Peace and great Happiness around the world. So, ask yourself what would you like to see next year? What would you like to see more of in 2013? And if you focus on the feelings and well-being rather than external achievements you will rapidly start to bring greater synchronicities into your life to help you move towards creating those things.

Each person is important. If you have incarnated into this era, you DO have Spiritual work to do in balancing the planet.

Can you feel the energy of the Ancients here? And that of the Ancestors – they all sit here with you. Can you feel it? They’re all looking at you and saying, “Well done. You’re going to get through it.”

Find your heart, and you will find your way….
Thank you…


About spirited13

Hi! I have been a qualified practitioner in the natural health field for over 35 years. I use Homoeopathy, The Liquid Crystals, Native American Energy Healing, EFT, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Bach Remedies, Ancient Essences, Body Psychometry and Face Reading, Iridology, Touch for Health, Light Life Tools, and Feng Shui. I am a Master/Teacher of Usui Reiki, Angelic Reiki and Seichim. I also hold weekly Spiritual Wisdom meetings, with MIND-BODY-SPIRIT topics and Meditation and healing. I love helping people find their wellness within, because within us is where the real work takes place for us to find our health, and our happiness. For everyone that comes to see me different information will come depending upon what is needed from each modality that I currently use. All I really do is help you with your energy. We are all made of energy and when it is in a state of imbalance then we feel unwell. This can occur in our physical, emotional, mental or spiritual states. The key for many is to look for why things happen, not just a quick fix. Sometimes fears contribute to what is occurring. Know that it is okay to let go of things in our subconscious in order to move forward and I try to help you with this. The key is to look for what you have gained from this particular situation, so you no longer repeat it again. I appreciate all of you who are looking for that spark of whatever is seemingly missing or lost within you. You are all amazing if you will only believe in yourselves. Sending Many Blessings to All, Hugs of Light, Barbara xxx
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