You are the Creator…


You are the Creator…What is your desire?

Powerful statement indeed. If there is something in your life that isn’t going well, remember that as you are the Creator; you have arranged this somehow as a possibility for you to experience as a Soul…whether this feels good or not…it is all about the experience.

I found this hard to understand when I first encountered it. Why on Earth would I want to create a terrible illness for example? Or a car crash? So, I create my reality and it sucks!

This usually happens because we tend to remember the bad stuff, rather than the good or easy things, don’t we? It would be so much nicer to say I created something awesome, instead of just something yuck! In order for this to occur, we need to take responsibility for our creations. This means you don’t just say I created this horrible scenario in my life, we also say it’s shit and I need to work on what THAT brings up in Me!

If you create something, and then RESIST the fact that you created it – then you have to attend to the fact that you resisted! Whatever the current situation is, you have met it with resistance. That resistance is a message for you. Either you are out of truth with yourself or inherently, you know that this situation has no positive end. Listen to your resistance. It does not lie.

So, now is where we take a deep breath in and let it go, because there’s that moment when you say, I am either a Creator – or a Victim…

Hmmm, serious stuff! We CAN learn to stop asking,’What is this supposed to be teaching me?’ Or, What am I supposed to be aware of?’ Or ‘Why?’ ‘Why?’ ‘Why?’
We can be aware that we have loads of temptation to go back to being stuck again or being a victim because IT IS A BAD HABIT!

Let’s stop for a moment in dwelling on that problem situation in your life and realise that there are parts of you that live simultaneously in past, present and future…These parts exist outside of time and space. They are enthusiastic travellers into the unknown, willing participants in experience and knowledge of all kinds.

When you are in balance, your body works to bring you infinite awarenesses of worlds beyond your comprehension…for now. And you KNOW in some deeper part of you that you have chosen the easier path, believing that ignorance is bliss. But, you find as you are living it, that this is not so.

For example when you were little and believed in the all powerful parent, you did what they said, and believed in their words and their infinite knowledge and looked up to them. As you grew, you pushed against their beliefs and instead created new ones of your own, didn’t you? So, the truths you had when young are more than likely different to those you hold now! You now have an awareness of your stuff! Not just their perceptions. This is where you get to be the adults in your own lives.

But it can be scary. You now have to be responsible – for everything – Wow! ‘I’m not sure I am ready’ you say…but as a Creator, we do create.

So, the real question is, what am I creating? How can I handle it? Own it? Deal with it? Do I need to be in victimhood and feeling that I need a pill to handle it, or a drink, or to hash it out with someone, or cry on my friend’s shoulders? OR can I just be aware…that I really don’t need to be comforted or to use sex, drugs and rock and roll to make it go away. This situation, whatever it is, was created by me. I am the One who has to create the solution. I am the One who created it to learn and experience it.

I understand and take back my inner power when I realise that this problem or situation has actually been of benefit to me in the long run. It has helped me to a place of greater depth and understanding and strength, than I would have had if it had never occured.

This is heavy! As my folks used to say! So, not only did I create this shit. It is all for my good?! For the Experience and the Why’s and the Resistance as well. It is all part of me, myself just being an adventurer in Time and Space!

Well, I’m not too sure I’m happy about that at all! However, if you want to change something in your life, the only way that comes about is when you change something inside you or inside your consciousness..

People say the Law of Attraction regarding having money or the lack therof, is about understanding that if you are in lack and you are focussed on THAT; then that is what the Universe will deliver to you. When you focus on and BELIEVE that you are financially free, or wealthy and money comes to you with ease, and money DOES indeed grow on trees and you accept that with all your body, mind and soul; then THIS is what you experience.

So, the Law of Attraction also applies to you and your current difficulties or situations where you are finding yourself to be powerless or unwell or angry to the point of exhaustion, or overweight because you are so fucking miserable…

What are you focussed on? What are you resisting? And, What could be done differently? Once you start asking these questions, and owning it all, then, and only then; will change occur in you and your life! Stop spending too much time mentally cycling over and over what might have been, what is, and what could be. Be still and listen…What is…Is!

You are on the brink of being able to transform your life TODAY!

You are the Creator…What is your desire?

Angel Hugs,

PS Remember you are never alone…help is all around you in the form of your Guides, your Guardian Angel who is with you from birth, and the many other Angels who are unemployed until you give them a task to do. Just ask. They will help…


About spirited13

Hi! I have been a qualified practitioner in the natural health field for over 35 years. I use Homoeopathy, The Liquid Crystals, Native American Energy Healing, EFT, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Bach Remedies, Ancient Essences, Body Psychometry and Face Reading, Iridology, Touch for Health, Light Life Tools, and Feng Shui. I am a Master/Teacher of Usui Reiki, Angelic Reiki and Seichim. I also hold weekly Spiritual Wisdom meetings, with MIND-BODY-SPIRIT topics and Meditation and healing. I love helping people find their wellness within, because within us is where the real work takes place for us to find our health, and our happiness. For everyone that comes to see me different information will come depending upon what is needed from each modality that I currently use. All I really do is help you with your energy. We are all made of energy and when it is in a state of imbalance then we feel unwell. This can occur in our physical, emotional, mental or spiritual states. The key for many is to look for why things happen, not just a quick fix. Sometimes fears contribute to what is occurring. Know that it is okay to let go of things in our subconscious in order to move forward and I try to help you with this. The key is to look for what you have gained from this particular situation, so you no longer repeat it again. I appreciate all of you who are looking for that spark of whatever is seemingly missing or lost within you. You are all amazing if you will only believe in yourselves. Sending Many Blessings to All, Hugs of Light, Barbara xxx
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