Fun and Laughter – Happy ever after!

smilesfor me

Live your Life fully. Try to imagine it different to how it is now…what can you see, feel, taste, touch and smell?!

Let your imagination flow…

I am trying to really enjoy  my life and I try to laugh every day! Funny that I am writing that…isn’t it? Little children do not think about trying to laugh everyday – they just do it!

It is a comment on our busy lives that we have to stop and remember to laugh.

Do it anyway…Laugh out loud right now! Start in your belly by going Ho! Ho! Ho! Or Hee! Hee! Hee! Put a smile on your lovely face and start grinning from ear to ear…Try it again….Hee! Hee! Ho! Ho! Keep going until you feel it – tears and all!!!

Don’t you feel great! Now and then, we need a really wonderful deep down belly laugh – you know the type – the one where your whole belly jiggles right along with the rest of you! It happens to me a lot….I used to get self-conscious and then I realised that most people are trying to hold their laughter IN! So, now I let it out, even at the movies!

And, you know what?! By my laughter, I gave others permission to laugh too! Soon the whole theatre was really enjoying themselves….Children have no such barriers. When you attend a kids movie, and something is funny, they think it’s downright hilarious! And, you can’t help but join in!

Some of the children’s movies that have been released in the past couple of years have been absolutely enjoyable and so funny….so give yourself permission to be a kid again, and go to a kids show…

As well as laughter, I think we should all try dancing… You know the saying where they say, ‘Try dancing like no-one’s watching.’ Well, I tried dancing like no one was watching but someone was watching and mistook my dance for a seizure and called the ambulance! Grin!

I DO dance when I am at home, even when I am cleaning, it seems to make it all disappear. Really quickly! So, next time you are doing something a bit boring or repetitive, just dance a little, do a  jig or wriggle, or zig and zag! Move it! You WILL feel wonderful! Guaranteed!

You also need to celebrate everything!

Too many people only celebrate when they win something, or when they accomplish great honours in a course, or when another person praises them for a job well done. No, We should celebrate it all!

Every single day….I celebrate….my health…my life…my house…my food…my friends…my daughter…my grandchildren…my car….and the list is literally endless….even down to the friendly little flowers in my front courtyard garden who seem to be smiling at me! Love it all!

After all, life CAN be put into the Too Hard basket, or the Oh, Dear basket, or the It’s Too Much basket, or the I Can’t Cope basket, or the Woe is Me basket. I mean, there is a Fact of life…After Monday & Tuesday, even the calendar says W T F!!

So, what are you gonna do about it?!

YOU – You are going to sing a little song…hop, skip and do a little jump with attitude, and SMILE a whole lot more from today onwards.

And I will bet you, that you start living the happiest of lives…please try it…it’s FUN!!!!

Love and Angels Hugs to All! Hee! Hee!

Barbara xoxoxo


About spirited13

Hi! I have been a qualified practitioner in the natural health field for over 35 years. I use Homoeopathy, The Liquid Crystals, Native American Energy Healing, EFT, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Bach Remedies, Ancient Essences, Body Psychometry and Face Reading, Iridology, Touch for Health, Light Life Tools, and Feng Shui. I am a Master/Teacher of Usui Reiki, Angelic Reiki and Seichim. I also hold weekly Spiritual Wisdom meetings, with MIND-BODY-SPIRIT topics and Meditation and healing. I love helping people find their wellness within, because within us is where the real work takes place for us to find our health, and our happiness. For everyone that comes to see me different information will come depending upon what is needed from each modality that I currently use. All I really do is help you with your energy. We are all made of energy and when it is in a state of imbalance then we feel unwell. This can occur in our physical, emotional, mental or spiritual states. The key for many is to look for why things happen, not just a quick fix. Sometimes fears contribute to what is occurring. Know that it is okay to let go of things in our subconscious in order to move forward and I try to help you with this. The key is to look for what you have gained from this particular situation, so you no longer repeat it again. I appreciate all of you who are looking for that spark of whatever is seemingly missing or lost within you. You are all amazing if you will only believe in yourselves. Sending Many Blessings to All, Hugs of Light, Barbara xxx
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