Spring Clean Your Life….

how to clean the house

For those of you where spring has only recently arrived, I challenge you to make changes that you may have been putting off all year, and bring back some balance in your life!

This not only means de-cluttering where possible, it also means to reassess where you are at; and then make resolutions and set goals to take you forward once more. In Spring, once it starts, we feel it. The change that is all around us and the new life that is breathed into everything once more.

Now, it is time for you to step out again, and the best way to do this is with as little baggage as possible. (I don’t know about you….but for me, that might take some cleaning to achieve that!)

The first thing you need to do is to let go of where you have come from, and then you need to get ready for the next adventure that can come your way once you have cleared the decks – literally!

Now, none of us is perfect (we are still here on Earth, so I think I have a ways to go!) and now might also be a good time to forgive others for things that may not have been. (Carrying around regrets isn’t doing anyone any good!) Plus, we may need to forgive ourselves. Did you do, say or act upon anything that you think you shouldn’t have? And are you still reminded of it? Then, you need to forgive and release it all.

Next, you may need to look at all the things that either haven’t come to fruition or that you feel you haven’t achieved. These belong in the ‘I should’ve….’ category….and as such, they keep you stuck just where you are. The time is now to see if any of these are actually still relevant or even still important for you today. By pondering on some of these areas that you may have still going around in your brain, you may discover that you actually left them behind long ago, and all you need to do today is sit, breathe in and out a few times and whilst tapping on your thymus gland (gently drumming your fingers in that central part of your chest halfway between your throat base and your heart chakra,) say out loud, ‘I no longer have the need to see myself as stuck in this situation. I am moving forward with ease. I am letting go of that which no longer has any relevance in my life of today, and I choose to release it all. I am pleased to be able to lighten my load, and to make room for more good things to come in! (and Smile!)

With regards to your belongings, open up your cupboards or drawers; sort it out, (throw it out if you haven’t used it for over a year), and get rid of everything else. Don’t overstretch yourself and open ALL the doors at once – it may scare you into doing nothing at all! Be kind to yourself, do one cupboard, or one drawer a week…Ultimately the work will be done, you will have a wonderful sense of achievement and you will definitely feel much ‘lighter’ all round! (So long as, you don’t go shopping and fill it all up again! Ha! Ha!)

Have an energy process when you clean your house; like burning incense or candles or playing some great dance music whilst you work. When I sweep my house for example, I not only sweep the floors, but I set the intention that I am literally sweeping any negativity or stale energy OUT of each room and OUT of my home! When it is done, I can really feel the difference, so if you are feeling down, or a bit low, try this as you go from room to room and sweep (or vacuum) it all away!

Maybe you need to reflect on the people (friends and acquaintances) you have in your life. Are they people you enjoy spending time with, or do they drain you, and keep you in the past? Think about those people who you DO enjoy spending time with and even if you haven’t spoken to them in quite some time (we all have busy lives), then pick up that phone or send them an email and reconnect! All of my friends bring something different in to my life and each one is so very valued and loved and appreciated by me!

It may be time to start to listen to yourself as well. Are you filling your life with sentences that begin with, ‘I can’t…’  or  ‘I could never imagine…..’  or ‘That will never work….’ or ‘I’m not good enough to…..’  or ‘I need to learn more before I can…..’  and so on. You get the idea. If you are saying this to yourself, then it might be time to consider what you are saying to the world as well as yourself!

What are the top values that you have that are important and matter to you? What is it that you stop yourself from pursuing because you think you ‘can’t’ or are not ‘good enough’ to do? Think on this please. Take the time to sort it out and then perhaps you will realise how the life you are leading is impacting on you achieving what you wish to! To help, you could draw a big circle on a piece of A4 paper and write on the inside of that circle all the things that are really important to you – like health, family, relationships etc.

Then, colour each word or name with a coloured pencil. You will find that you choose light and bright colours on those that you enjoy or have fun with and that you colour with darker colours those that are not so easy in your life, even if they are necessary.

A lot of people use vision boards in much the same way where you get a large piece of cardboard or paper (A3) and you cut from magazines those images that demonstrate what you wish to have in your life (health, fitness, career, money, friends, trips etc) and that mean something to you. Once it is created, sort of like a collage, you need to put it up somewhere prominent, where you can see it every day.  I did a small one once and stuck it on the back on my toilet door. I focused on different areas one per day for a week, and I was astounded at how quickly things changed in my life! I had to update the vision board from time to time as well, because those things I was focusing on and allowing myself to receive; actually came to me!

If this all seems a bit too much, perhaps you need to have people you can check in with, someone who can keep you on track and who you trust. It is much, much easier to achieve a goal when you have told someone who then holds you to it than to just do it on your own! When you have a good support team, you get there so much quicker and easier. People who are depressed, but are managing it, always have a few groups of people to check in with regularly that keep them on track and keep their spirits up. A team benefits not only the person, but also their parents or family who wish to help, but who just cannot do it all.

We all need some sunshine in our lives! The best way to get it, is to spring clean your house, your car (we spend a LOT of time in there and it gets to be a reflection – energetically – of ourselves!), and spring clean ourselves!

Happy letting go….releasing….and just plain throwing out!

Blessings to All as you move forward, Barbara xxxxxx

Copyright © 2014 by Barbara Lockhart. All Rights Reserved. You may quote, translate or link to this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and  as long as you credit the author and you include this copyright notice link: www.barbaralockhartblog.wordpress.com    All other uses of this article are prohibited.  Thank You for your understanding.


About spirited13

Hi! I have been a qualified practitioner in the natural health field for over 35 years. I use Homoeopathy, The Liquid Crystals, Native American Energy Healing, EFT, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Bach Remedies, Ancient Essences, Body Psychometry and Face Reading, Iridology, Touch for Health, Light Life Tools, and Feng Shui. I am a Master/Teacher of Usui Reiki, Angelic Reiki and Seichim. I also hold weekly Spiritual Wisdom meetings, with MIND-BODY-SPIRIT topics and Meditation and healing. I love helping people find their wellness within, because within us is where the real work takes place for us to find our health, and our happiness. For everyone that comes to see me different information will come depending upon what is needed from each modality that I currently use. All I really do is help you with your energy. We are all made of energy and when it is in a state of imbalance then we feel unwell. This can occur in our physical, emotional, mental or spiritual states. The key for many is to look for why things happen, not just a quick fix. Sometimes fears contribute to what is occurring. Know that it is okay to let go of things in our subconscious in order to move forward and I try to help you with this. The key is to look for what you have gained from this particular situation, so you no longer repeat it again. I appreciate all of you who are looking for that spark of whatever is seemingly missing or lost within you. You are all amazing if you will only believe in yourselves. Sending Many Blessings to All, Hugs of Light, Barbara xxx
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