What is happiness?

Is it defined by how you feel?

Or by what you choose each day?

I probably EXPECT to be happy….and I feel this…. I can smile in the mirror…and I like the person smiling back at me…. (Many people I know can’t DO this…Hmmm!) (Please stop picking yourself to pieces…ouch…it hurts!)

If we are hard on ourselves…and expect everything to go perfectly or to be aligned just right…then, I have news for you…it won’t always be totally fabulous…. Shhh! Don’t tell anybody….

Your expectations ARE something you are in control of….and you can actually create a happy day by day life for yourself…. if you choose…. I have a saying next to my bed on my bedside table that says….”Today is a New Day…”

I love this…. I get out of bed…read this…and stretch my arms up to the sky…and I say, “Greet the day!”


I do some energy work on my acupressure points to get all the joints mobile…and I pretend to do some squats… (More like ‘diddly squat’ …Ha Ha!) Then, I stagger over to the wardrobe to decide what to wear that day…

Colour is very important to me…and I notice that when I need something like a ‘boost’ of energy, I’ll choose to wear red… (And I DO wear this a bit!)

Colour that YOU choose to wear will have an impact on your general feeling of wellbeing, so if you only have black and white in your wardrobe…then try wearing a yellow shirt…. I bet you smile more!

Anyway…colours contribute to my happiness.

Maybe we can’t define happiness in just a few words…but…Happy feelings come my way regularly from my grandchildren…totally awesome….and from my beautiful daughter…from my wonderful little cat Violet….from the flowers that are growing in pots on my verandah…definitive smiles…..love the smells too….and from my many wonderful friends….beyond blessed….from the ‘work’ I do with helping others….Happy to assist you if I can….to the lovely home I have and my garden and yard that is full of birdsong and fabulous trees….soon my freesias will put up shoots….I will stop mowing…and then in September or October I will have my entire quarter acre block full front to back with amazing perfumed freesias in all colours….ready to be picked every day to give to everybody who comes! Share the bliss!

Every day you are alive is a cause for celebration…many people don’t get that chance, do they?

I EXPECT to have a brilliant day…. for things to go my way…for people to be kind…and I respond in like. Happiness is definitely an INSIDE job! Now, if I expect to have a bad day, or feel that I have missed out in some way, or that I am panicking in case I don’t do it ‘right’; then I WILL be miserable…right? And I am happiest in the present moment. I am not always waiting for somebody else to make me happy or for my job to bring me happiness (If you LOVE what you do, then you totally get this! And…if you don’t…then if you can, visualise yourself doing something you love…and manifest it!)

So, the choice is yours…

What is happiness?

It’s a choice….

Have a brilliantly blissful smiley day full of awesomeness…. (Just pretend you’re a panda like Po!)

Love to you All! Angel hugs and Blessings,

Barbara (I choose the good stuff…what are you going to choose today?) xoxoxo

And if today is totally ‘$#it, then remember to breathe…. blame it on the ‘Other People’…. smile…and know that you are not ‘One of Those Miserable Bastards,’ and try again tomorrow…. YOU are worth it!

Copyright © 2019 Barbara Lockhart. All rights reserved. You may quote, translate, share or link to this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and as long as you credit the author, and you include this copyright notice link: www.barbaralockhartblog.wordpress.com All other uses of this article are prohibited. Thank you for your understanding. Have a fabulous day.


About spirited13

Hi! I have been a qualified practitioner in the natural health field for over 35 years. I use Homoeopathy, The Liquid Crystals, Native American Energy Healing, EFT, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Bach Remedies, Ancient Essences, Body Psychometry and Face Reading, Iridology, Touch for Health, Light Life Tools, and Feng Shui. I am a Master/Teacher of Usui Reiki, Angelic Reiki and Seichim. I also hold weekly Spiritual Wisdom meetings, with MIND-BODY-SPIRIT topics and Meditation and healing. I love helping people find their wellness within, because within us is where the real work takes place for us to find our health, and our happiness. For everyone that comes to see me different information will come depending upon what is needed from each modality that I currently use. All I really do is help you with your energy. We are all made of energy and when it is in a state of imbalance then we feel unwell. This can occur in our physical, emotional, mental or spiritual states. The key for many is to look for why things happen, not just a quick fix. Sometimes fears contribute to what is occurring. Know that it is okay to let go of things in our subconscious in order to move forward and I try to help you with this. The key is to look for what you have gained from this particular situation, so you no longer repeat it again. I appreciate all of you who are looking for that spark of whatever is seemingly missing or lost within you. You are all amazing if you will only believe in yourselves. Sending Many Blessings to All, Hugs of Light, Barbara xxx
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